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We live in changing times.

Finom Management GmbH is a company with core competencies in R&D of pharmaceutical processes. The mega trend “combining medical research and information technology” will alter our societies dramatically. Through big data and deep learning we are on the verge of getting access to previously unknown medical interventions. It is hard to keep up with the speed and the possibilities that will become part of our lives.

We support ideas and guide through the intricate processes of all areas of clinical research. Together, we can help your concepts to become not only visions, but reality.

We will guide you through the regulatory jungle. Our core competencies include the conception and preparation of development strategies, as well as the on-hands coordination of clinical research. The management of clinical trials is conducted with our proprietary IT solutions which have been developed specifically for this purpose.

In cooperation with our international network of experts we are in a position to answer scientific questions, devise development strategies and programs.

This combination of knowledge and creativity makes us unique.

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FINOM Management is experienced and reliable - it is our mission to help you to improve your processes by optimizing your environment.

Our expertise in Life Sciences is based on a long history in the pharmaceutical industry on various levels from pharmaceutical development through to running and establishing companies in the area of life science:

  • Business related matters: creating, establishing, founding and selling life science companies.
  • Strategic and operational Management Consulting in defining and implementing effective operational structures.
  • Advising on the involvement of contract research organizations in clinical research
  • Implementing Information Technologies (IT). Those can range from the development of ERP systems and CTMS, as well as the connection and interfacing of the selected or developed software that manages and controls clinical trials.
  • We can help you to define the needs for IT Systems and select appropriate applications from the market with either commercially available software or support you with the development of tailored products to realize a cost and operationally effective organizational environment. This ranges from task specific systems up to ERP-applications designed for your needs in your industry and within your specific environment. With our experience in implementing new systems and processes in existing structures, we offer extensive project management to help you to timely and successfully realize your projects.
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We are developing, maintaining and hosting software for the pharmaceutical industry to support services in Clinical trials.

With state-of-art tools you can budget and control the progress of clinical studies as well as track study specific information.

The application is fully integrated, access is via web browser.

Functional coverage in a glance:

  • General access portal with user access management
  • E-Support for users
  • Employee work time maintenance
  • Business opportunity tracking
  • CRM control for contacts and companies
  • General contract handling with expiration tracking
  • Handling of Quality documents (SOP’s)
  • User change request processing and documentation
  • Maintain project budgets for different contracts within a project
  • Support of different pricing models within contracts
    (fixed price for units, fixed budgets, time & material, pass-through cost)
  • Time accounting and budget control for the different pricing models
  • Access rights per team member
  • Site information coverage, also usable for feasibilities
  • Setup of subcontractor agreements
  • Incoming invoice allocation and control
  • Outgoing invoice creation
  • Full integrated eTMF
  • CTMS with support of feasibility, project startup completion tracking, operational data management, project activity tracking
  • Various online reporting capabilities
  • Validated applications

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Finom Management operates from an entrepreneur's perspective: one shot to get an alignment of their business right. We keep up momentum and credibility with customers, investors and employees, a hard reality that drives our guidance.

We are convinced of that in today's marketplace, good ideas, good technologies, promising compounds and good products only have value when they are able to find their niche quickly. This can be done via an efficient, cost- effective, and value-realizing route to market.

We assist companies in identifying the optimum method of gaining value for their products and their technology - often a challenging task for small to medium sized companies.

We understand the challenges that you face every day... because we have been there.

Finom Management has extensive, hands-on senior-level management experience. Through years of management and leadership, we bring credibility, understanding, and real life management practices.

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Finom Management has 50+ combined years of experience in senior positions in blue chip pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In addition, the management team has relationships with finance and venture capital institutions.


Over and above its executive backgrounds, Finom Management has extensive experience in providing professional management consulting services to Life Science industry clients. This experience is applied to assist you during challenging times.


It is our philosophy that organizational performance is directly related to an organization's capacity for effective leadership, strategic thinking, organization-wide collaboration, a commitment to service, and shared accountability for results.


We view business operations as a complex interaction of different departments and different people, all business functions are connected. Connecting all leads is the basis for achievement and success.

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Founded as Finom Management in Austria in 2010 as one of the first companies that specializes in specific IT for clinical trials, Finom has developed into a company with broad expertise in life science and has gained broad experience in diversified areas of investments.

Today, Finom Management’s network consists of several firms and it has investments in the area of life science all of which are operating independently and across many sectors forming an international affiliation, collaborating across many continents and countries.


Establishment of the company, the operations started with the development of proprietary IT applications. Created by experts for experts whose responsibility is to manage and organize clinical research.

2011 / 2012

First clients started to use FinSystems.


Examples of the use of FinSystems: “FinSys had been introduced in a cloud as “Software as a Service” to cover the business and economic aspects of our business starting 2011. ABF Pharmaceuticals GmbH focuses on complex clinical trial designs and offers a unique combination of logistic services through our global network.

With Finom and the Fin Systems we found a trusted partner for our business, helping us to adapt an IT system to our business needs.”

ABF Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a service provider for complex clinical trial supply and laboratory services and has been using the Fin Systems since 2011 in various areas.


We have been using FinSys in a cloud as “Software as a Service” to cover the commercial business and economic aspects of our business since 2011.
Assign Clinical Research is a midsized CRO company located in Europe. We are always facing changing requirements from our customers to run their project services. FinSys gives us the flexibility to answer our customer’s demands as well as our internal requirements to track documentation status, project results and budgets for numerous projects at the same time.

The fully integrated of ERP and CTMS gives us a major advantage over our competitors in the market. Exact tracking of time spent compared to estimated time required on projects allows us to undertake real time analysis of our business.


Time spent for entering data to different IT-Systems is dramatically reduced. All modules are integrated and consequently work on synchronizing data in different systems is no longer needed. This allowed us to free up time to be spent on supporting our client needs.

Since the user interface is common in all parts of the application, our employees find learning new functionality intuitive and therefore internal training costs were reduced to a minimum.

With Finom and the Fin Systems we found a reliable partner for our business, accompanying us into the future of CRA business.”

Assign Clinical Research GmbH has been using the Fin Systems since 2010 in various areas.


Three more Clinical Research Organizations and Pharma staffing companies have been using the Fin Systems since 2014 in various areas in the CRA world of Clinical Research. Starting with the ERP part of the Fin Systems, the scope was extended to CTMS and TMF soon after initial implementation.

2015 through 2017

Continuous use of FinSys and further developments and validation.

2018 onwards

FinSys is being used and further developed by new clients.


To learn more about Finom Management, contact us at:

Chief Financial Officer
phone: +43 676 4100830

CEO, President
phone: +43 676 844 033 800


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